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  • Short-term “punt” RingCentral (NYSE:RNG) 31/03/2020
    We possibly may be too late on this trade but the New video conferencing player in town: RingCentral (NYSE:RNG) is expected to launch a video product to compete with Zoom Video Communications (NASDAQ:ZM) next week. Shares of RingCentral are up 30% over the last week, while Zoom Video is up over 60% over the last […]
  • Commodity corner – Tonight, I’m focusing on soft commodities. 31/03/2020
    Bloombergs has the headline, “Returns for Soft Commodities haven’t been this bad since 1986”. Soft commodities, include sugar, cotton and coffee Sugar futures in New York are down 20% so far this year, and cotton tumbled 28%. The Bloomberg Commodities Softs Total Return Subindex has plunged more than 16%. The collapse in oil is dragging […]
  • ETF watch – Its all about IT disruption this week 31/03/2020
    JPMorgan sees an acceleration in IT infrastructure trends driven by the broadening disruption of COVID-19. They mention: Bandwith increasing bandwidth requirements due to the increasing number of employees working from home in a trend that looks positive for Ciena (NYSE:CIEN), CommScope (NASDAQ:COMM), Infinera (NASDAQ:INFN) and Hewlett-Packard Enterprises’ (NYSE:HPE) Aruba. Cloud An increase in leverage of […]
  • Have we found a near-term bottom? 31/03/2020
    U.S. equity futures and European stocks headed for a fifth increase in six sessions, spurring debate over whether the meltdown has ended ….. The markets have rallied over 20% off lows, that put the index back in bull territory. Some anaysts argue that the term “bull” can only be applied after the market makes new […]
  • Trade1027 Portfolio review 12/02/2020
    #1. IPO watch – Changing of the guard Interesting potential pairs trade idea with a ratio of recent IPOs (UBER + LYFT + PINS + WORK) vs Tech Titans (FB + AMZN + NFLX + GOOGL) We remain long the IPO ETF #2. ETF spotlight Asian equities cheapest against S&P500. “If one completely ignores the […]

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  • Don’t jump in front of a moving train! 29/07/2020
    This week’s article is meant to address an issue I have recently realised is more prevalent among retail FX traders than I initially thought. The issue of ‘jumping in front of a moving train’, as I prefer to call it! Its inverse being ‘catching a falling knife’. ‘Catching a falling knife’ is a phase generally […]
    Innocent Maponde
  • The Gambler’s fallacy! 10/07/2020
    In my quest to be well read, I read a lot of articles and books spanning different fields; from business, politics, the environment etc. and in my reading I have come across many interesting theories that try to explain human behaviour and thinking. And as I read through these theories I always try to relate […]
    Innocent Maponde
  • Gold vs BTC 09/07/2020
    Ever wondered about the correlation between Gold and the “new” risk-off asset Bitcoin (BTC). In the above chart I am comparing BTC and Gold to test for a potential correlation. BTC looks bearish and there is more downside risk. When deciding between the two, I think it’s a question of which assets you are more […]
    Nicolle Wepener
  • Top 3 charts of the week: Gold, EURUSD, US100 08/07/2020
    Source: Unum xStation Gold has been trading in an upward trend for a considerable period of time. During today’s session, the price surged to fresh YTD highs and further upward move is the base case scenario. Looking at the chart from a technical point of view, the potential XABCD harmonic pattern in building up. The […]
    Marius Grobler
  • AUDCAD Sell 18/06/2020
    New Trade Alert from Gavin Waldeck, Trading the Cloud (TTC). Open a SELL pending Limit order at 0.93088 Expiry time Wed, 17th June 2020, 10:00 Take Profit: 0.92880 Stop Loss: 0.93190

Question 1:

“Can you add a short postion?” – Craig

Not at the start, but we may consider adding short positions later.

Question 2:

“You said we that we can put in a bid. What does this mean?”

To get better entry levels we sometimes will leave a bid in the market, rather than just buy at the market price.

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