Managed Personal Share Portfolios (PSP)

Our range of Personal Share Portfolios allow investors to engage directly with their Portfolio Manager, with each Client owning a bespoke portfolio of local (and offshore) shares in their very own stockbroking account.

With access to several local and world-class international trading platforms, Unum provides clients a truly global managed PSP solution. Directly investing in some of the most well know companies in the world, and with the facilitation of the entire end-to-end offshore cash transfer process.

Portfolios allow for complete transparency and adaptability, keeping clients informed and up to date on their portfolio holdings, performance and strategy via an on-line dashboard.

Additionally, we are able to provide Regulation 28 compliant PSPs within different retirement and tax efficient wrappers.


Multi Manager portfolios

Receive access to the top fund managers and investment strategies with ease.

Investing in the Unum wrap funds offer both convenience and great value, as you enjoy exposure to a variety of different fund managers and strategies in a single portfolio.
As a client, you don’t need to worry about which funds to choose and when, as the weightings of the underlying funds, as well as the strategic and tactical asset allocations are managed by your Unum Capital portfolio manager.
The wraps are risk profiled according to your risk tolerance and hence offer varying risk return exposures and all asset allocation changes, rebalances and fund switches are handled on your behalf.
We have three wrap funds with varying degrees of risk/return exposure, have a look at our fact sheets for more information.



Alternative Investments & Managed FX

We are firm believers that alternative investments are an integral portion of a diversified portfolio, and hence are staunch advocates for alternative investments as tools to reduce risk and enhance returns.

These portfolios allowed us to take on leverage, short positions, and invest in alternative asset classes which allows our investors to benefit from manager skill, downside protection and increased market gains.


Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)

Our Lifestage TFSA allows the novice to trade a range of selected JSE listed ETF’s based on several different asset classes, both offshore and domestic, at a massively reduced brokerage.

Designed with the beginner investor in mind, the Lifestage Baskets offers retail investors sound investment advice and research, without the cost of a financial advisor.

Based on factors like age, risk tolerance and investment horizon, select a suitable Lifestage basket and then move yourself through the investment lifestages during your path to retirement.

The Lifestage Basket is available as a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA), a stokvel account or a standard equity account.



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